The Compleat Dr Rowing


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The Compleat Dr Rowing


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Dr. Rowing is proud to announce the publication of The Compleat Dr. Rowing. Gathering the best of his columns from the past six years, the book is bound to be popular wherever rowers like to gather to share stories and laugh. Beginning with that most famous rowing story, the Japanese eight whose members all died because of their high ratings and delving into other great rowing tales, like Seat Racing a Twinkie and Why do Oarsmen Produce only Girls, the book recounts every rowing story worth retelling.About Dr. Rowing:

Dr Rowing , also known as Andy Anderson, saw his first crew race at age four and has been entranced with the sport ever since.

Discovering to his dismay that most oarsmen weigh more than 100 pounds, he turned to coxing in high school despite considering himself a “big guy.” At Trinity College he continued to cox despite being the tallest coxswain in the country and towering over three of the four strokes he shared the stern with.

He has coached gold medal boats at school, college, national, and world championships.

A teacher and coach at Groton School in Massachusetts for twenty-two years, he is married with two children WHO HAD BETTER NOT PLAY LACROSSE.

Quotations heard at the Head of the Charles:
“I always turn to your column at the back of the Independent Rowing News first.”
“I always know when the new IRN has arrived because when I get home my wife is cracking up.”
“Last night my roommate in the hotel was reading a copy of your book and she kept me awake with her laughing.”
“Even in Holland we know Dr. Rowing.”


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