‘A Hero for Daisy’ DVD


‘A Hero for Daisy’ DVD


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Introducing the video release of A Hero for Daisy,” a documentary film
two-time Olympian Chris Ernst who galvanized her rowing team to storm
the Yale athletic director’s office in 1976 to protest the lack of locker
room facilities for the women. In front of a NY Times reporter, the women stripped,
exposing the phrase “Title IX” which was written in blue marker.

Reviews for A Hero for Daisy

“A landmark film” – Martha Ackmann, The New York Times

“A remarkable film” – Bill Littlefield, host of NPR’s “Only A Game”

“Mary C. Mazzio’s “A Hero for Daisy” is such a rush that it should probably have a
warning label. It profiles Olympic rower Chris Ernst, who masterminded the 1976
Yale women’s crew protest against the shockingly substandard conditions in which
they had to function in comparison with the men’s crew. Ernst, who went on to
become a plumber, is a feisty and fascinating character. But what really propels the
film is the way it intersperses, among the talking head interviewees who trace the
evolution of women’s athletics since Title IX, shots of Ernst and many other women
and girls in action, rowing, running, lifting weights, etc. This is a movie that never
stops moving.”
Betsy Sherman, Boston Globe

” We all LOVED it! Great use of humor, compelling story, perfect length, great shots
of rowing and gritty play. ”
Stacey Vollman, Sports Illustrated for Women

“I recently saw your movie and I thought it was wonderful. I particularly
enjoyed how you were able to show the victories and success of the story without
creating a “bad guy”… It is a testament to the greatness of the story… I also
appreciated it on a personal level as I have a younger sister…
Sam Batchelor, Captain, Yale Heavyweight Men’s Crew

“A Hero for Daisy ” does what the best documentaries do: it allows us to enter into a
unique and fascinating world.We feel privileged to hear the inside story, and once
having heard it, feel elevated. The crowd at the Copley Plaza loved it. It deserves to
be seen because it is beautiful and because it is true. ..”
Andy Anderson, Dr. Rowing, Independent Rowing News


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