Another Power 10: Rowing and coaching advice from an Olympic oarsman

Another Power 10: Rowing and coaching advice from an Olympic oarsman



“Another Power 10 is a great read with some really useful advice for all rowers from novice to elite.”
Mike Teti US Rowing Men’s Head Coach
“I like the style of Another Power 10 and the way Fred Borchelt thinks about rowing. Coaches will find it useful and interesting.”
Kris Korzeniowski US Rowing Director of Coaching Education

“Borchelt weaves the stories of his own rowing experience as a high school rower, collegiate athlete at Rutgers, on the Olympic team, and as a collegiate and high school coach together to provide straightforward advice, reminders if you will, of things that he considers important in rowing.”
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Borchelt shares lessons learned about rowing and coaching on the road to and from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. His journey starts as a 14 year old novice oarsman continuing for 8 years up through the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He shares stories of his experiences during the two Olympic quadrennials from Montreal to Moscow and Moscow to Los Angeles that express the excitement of being a competitor in 1976, the frustration of the Olympic boycott in 1980, culminating with the pride of winning a silver medal in the eight-oared crew event in 1984.

Another Power 10 is written in the same engaging style as his first popular e-book Power 10 An Olympian Shares 10 Ways to Improve Your Rowing. Borchelt uses a story to introduce a topic and then provides useful explanation of how to apply that bit of wisdom effectively. This book has advice both for athletes and for coaches. Borchelt puts the reader on both sides of the coach’s megaphone, writing from the perspectives of an athlete being coached and of a coach providing instruction. He shares what he has learned from his experiences of interacting with and observing master coaches who are in the process of teaching and coaching.

Some of the specific topics covered in this book include: effective strategies for planning workouts, sweep oar control for correct bladework, coaching correct rhythm and ratio for a crew, aerobic training guidelines and principles,

Borchelt also provides insight and encouragement around the intangible aspects of the pursuit of excellence in sport. He writes about his struggles with the pressures involved with competition and how to use mental preparation techniques to deal with those pressures. He shares with the reader how to overcome adversity and to turn setbacks into successes.

If you enjoy being entertained while you are learning then Another Power 10 is the book for you.


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