Power 10: An Olympian Shares 10 Ways to Improve Your Rowing

Power 10: An Olympian Shares 10 Ways to Improve Your Rowing



A collection of an Olympic oarsman’s personal experiences written with specific tips which promise to motivate and educate the reader to higher levels of excellence.

All rowing competitors and coaches enjoy hearing and sharing memorable stories that express the essence of the sport they love intensely. Borchelt has compiled ten of his best stories from a lifetime spent in rowing from Washington, D.C. to Boston, from Montreal to Moscow, from East Berlin to Egypt and which continues on today. His reflections are based on what he learned while rowing for and coaching with some of America’s legendary coaches: Harry Parker, Kris Korzeniowski, Charlie Butt and Al Rosenberg.

Each chapter opens with the telling of a story about times in racing shells, on rivers and lakes and inside boathouses all across the world. Borchelt’s stories are drawn from a career that saw him grow from being the stroke of his high school 3rd eight to captain of his college varsity crew to a bronze and silver World Championship medalist and ultimately to winning a silver medal in the thrilling final of the eights race at the 1984 Olympics. He shares numerous specific suggestions based on each story that will give you an inside view of training and racing at all levels of the sport and what you can do to achieve higher levels of performance.

Borchelt’s stories will make you laugh with amusement, nod your head with agreement and cause your eyes to tear up with emotion as you realize that his stories are much like your own experiences. He brings to life the jitters felt at the starting line, the exhilaration of a sprint to the finish line, the disappointment of being cut from a national team and the pride of competing with his older brother in a way that will inform, instruct and inspire you in your quest for growth and improvement. He goes beyond each experience to provide practical ways that you can apply what he has learned to make your time in rowing more satisfying and successful.

If you enjoy being entertained while you are learning then Power 10 is the book for you.


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