Wanted:Rowing Coach

Wanted:Rowing Coach


Taking on the challenge of coaching the poor-but-humble mens’ varsity crew at UC Santa Barbara requires a special sort of person – Olympic gold medalist Brad Alan Lewis is the man for the job. Or is he? Yes, he’d won the gold at the Olympics, but he’d never coached a college crew – not even a novice team. Mountain lions, rattlesnakes, icy roads, crazed bass fishermen – they all conspired to make Lewis’s challenge even more… challenging. Read ‘Wanted: Rowing Coach’ and find out if he survived. Actually, since it’s an autobiography of sorts (thinly veiled fiction) you can pretty much assume he survived. Nonetheless, read ‘Wanted’ and find out how much fun, excitement, adventure Lewis and his crew had along the way. Several Class 7 rowing/life lessons included at no extra charge.


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