The row2k Rowing Mall is a true “cyberstore” – we maintain no stock or warehouse, and funnel your orders directly to our resident companies, who then ship the products to you.

This will not cause a delay in shipping; orders are forwarded to the companies almost instantaneously. Unless otherwise noted orders will will shipped within 1-3 business days, and arrive at your address as quickly as the delivery company can carry them. Delivery methods vary from one vendor to another, but all guarantee prompt fulfillment of your order. Save for those items for which expedited shipping is explicitly offered on the product page, we do not guarantee expedited or rush shipping options; you may request rush shipping in the Comments field when placing your order, and we will try to accommodate your request; in most cases an appropriate charge will be applied.

In most cases, the shipping expense you are quoted will be the only shipping charge. However, in those cases where an order includes products from several vendors, shipping may be estimated. In those cases where shipping might be more than a few dollars higher than quoted, row2k will contact the customer directly to request permission to add to the shipping charge.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping is calculated on a sliding scale according to the total price of your order, as follows:

$0.01 – $15.00 $6.50
$15.01 – 25.00 $7.50
$25.01 – $40.00 $8.50
$40.01 – $65.00 $10.50
$65.01 – $80.00 $12.50
$80.01 – $100.00 $15.50
$100.00 – $160.00 $20.50
$300+ $33.50
Outside the USA

For most items; larger items may require additional shipping cost

Canada add $5
Europe/Japan add $10
Australia/NZ add $10

Note that a few items in the mall must be shipped separately (oars, tracks) due to unusual shape or large size. These items require a specific shipping fee that has been added directly to the price of that item such that the item price also includes the shipping fee. No additional shipping cost will be added for those items.