Rowers EYEglass Mirror


DBC Eyeglass Mirror

Rowers EYEglass Mirror


If you need to improve your vision in difficult to navigate waterways, if you’re a rower with physical limitations, if you just like to see where you are going – the Rowers EYEglass Mirror is for you.

  • Distortion free-shatter proof glass mirror
  • Viewing area same as a car mirror
  • Fits all eyeglasses

This light weight mirror attaches to your eyeglasses or sunglasses to provide added vision behind. This device is popular with single scullers who have trouble looking around or row on a river with many turns or a body of water with lots of traffic. The mirror has two adjustment points. The mirror arm rotates out, up and down from the glasses, while the mirror itself rotates around a ball joint to fine tune the correct angle.


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